Custom Linings serves a variety of industries. This includes: Petrochemical, Steel, Wood and Concrete Construction, Flooring, Roofing, Casting, Wood and Concrete Decks, Primary & Secondary Containment, Waterproofing, Abrasion Resistance, Slip Resistance, Corrosion Protection, Marine Applications, Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants, Truck Fleets, Heavy Equipment Protection, Foundation Coatings, and vehicle truck beds.

Custom Linings is a polyurea polyol blend that is quickly taking its place in the protective coating industry. The basic blend is ultra-violet radiation resistant, chemically resistant, and has a puncture pressure rating of nearly 3000 lbs per square inch. It can also be textured for a non-slip surface. This material has no volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitters such as styrene, nor does it contain CFC’s or HCFC’s, all of which are quickly being banned by the Environmental Protection Agency as components and solvents in more traditional coatings.

Apply To: metals, concrete, wood, and man-made composites such as fiberglass. It’s a low maintenance coating, environmentally friendly, and looks great!

Protective Liners: Permanent Installation, eliminates rust, reduces load and road noise, looks great, lasts a long time (Lifetime Warranty), and dries in seconds!

Spray it on: Your truck bed, agricultural & farm equipment, industrial facilities, garage doors, and even driveways.

Protect your investment: Let us help you protect your equipment throughout heavy use.

Mobile Service is available for some applications.


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